George Johnsen

George Johnsen is Founder and Chief Technology Officer of MammothVision. He has been part of over 100 groundbreaking film and commercial projects as a Visual Effects Supervisor and Visual Effects Producer. With a background in rock-and-roll, George has created rock-and-roll visual experiences with such talented acts as Lady Gaga, Neil Diamond, John Fogerty, and The Who. Furthermore, George serves as a key member of design teams contributing to every aspect of the experience on numerous theme park attractions.

As a developer of technologies for the entertainment industry, George works with industry giants such as IBM, Sony, Audio-Technica and Crown to provide better tools for digital production and post-production world. He has consulted and designed for many high-profile audio and video manufacturers and has participated in the standards committees for SMPTE (Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers) Time Code, the Red Book audio standard, the HD international exchange standard, the Visual Effects Society, as well as other professional organizations.

Prior to starting MammothVision, George was the founder and owner of the world’s first Digital Post-Production facility, EFX Systems, designed from the ground up to service the special venue and digital film/tv markets. Named a “Digital Production Pioneer” by the Wall Street Journal, he was instrumentally involved in almost every pivotal breakthrough as Hollywood moved into the digital age.

George co-produced the hit sci-fi TV series Babylon 5, for Warner Brothers. He utilized his ability to combine and streamline various in-house visual and audio effects to create an independent digital operation for Babylon 5. This operation became the standard in the industry for streamlined efficiency, controlled costs and high creativity.

George is working to develop new methods to bring cost effective computer generated imagery (CGI) to television shows. He produced Star Trek: Voyager Borg Encounter for Paramount Properties in digital 3D. In additional, he oversaw special effects and animation production Edwurd Fudwupper Fibbed Big, a fully CGI Oscar-nominated theatrical short for Nickelodeon. He is the producer of an animated feature film awaiting release by MGM.

Another one of George’s areas of unique expertise is unusual format projection presentations. For the Drama Desk Award-winning Creation, he was responsible for creating photorealistic scenery for the story of the creation of and early days of the universe from the big bang on a multi projector 270’ screen. In addition, he directs and produces all the content for the 1500’ screen at the Fremont Street Experience Las Vegas. Whatever the challenge, George loves the new, the unusual, and the different.

Core Team

George Johnsen, Founder and Chief Technology Officer.

Maggie Bellomy, Vice President of Animation and Production.

Tucker Williamson, Vice President of Music and Special Productions.