Maggie Bellomy

Maggie Bellomy is the Vice President of Animation and Production of MammothVision. With a degree in Computer Animation from the Ringling School of Art and Design, Maggie’s artistic and technical skills make her uniquely qualified to lead and manage CGI and animation productions. Her work includes 4D stereoscopic rides, concert centerpieces, special event extravaganzas, feature films, television and video games. A few of her clients include: Bacardi, Houston Space Center, SHI International, LEGO, Evergrande and the Fremont Street Experience in Las Vegas.

Maggie works tirelessly to create groundbreaking animation and visually stunning effects in all her productions. She strives to over-deliver and to put every dollar of the budget on the screen. She develops and improves the pipeline on each production to increase productivity, shorten turn-around times, and improve the final product.

Prior to joining MammothVision, Maggie worked hand-in-hand with the directors at Threshold Animation to create a number of productions for LEGO which include: Bionicle: The Legend Reborn (direct to DVD film) and Clutch Powers (4D Film), Lego: Atlantis (TV special), Hero Factory (TV mini-series). She personally oversaw every aspect of production ensuring each phase was executed to the highest quality from story and pre-production, all the way to final render, comp and output. She also worked directly with the LEGO executives to ensure their vision and expectations were being met and many times, exceeded.

Before her foray into LEGO production, Maggie’s work included the blockbuster stereoscopic film AVATAR with Lightstorm Entertainment. Based on her reputation as being an expert in the latest motion capture techniques and her leadership abilities, she was recruited to help oversee the production artists. During her time with Lightstorm, Maggie streamlined and standardized the layout and motion capture pipeline, making it more ‘artist friendly’ resulting in a marked increase in efficiency with less artist error. In addition to managing and scheduling the team, she worked on key scenes of the film directly with James Cameron.

Maggie was invited to join the Animal Logic team in Sydney, Australia
to work on HAPPY FEET, her first feature film. She quickly proved herself and earned the privilege of creating key animations for the film’s lead characters Mumbles, Gloria, Raoul and the baby penguins.

Before moving into films, Maggie honed her skills in animation and in the use of motion capture working on television and video games.  Among her many game credits are AND1 Streetball, The X-Files Resist or Serve, and the Knockout Kings series. She worked in a variety computer graphics roles, specializing in character animation during her early career. Her work includes national television commercials and station branding graphics packages. Maggie is the artist behind the award winning logo for the Sarasota area transit system.

Core Team

George Johnsen, Founder and Chief Technology Officer.

Maggie Bellomy, Vice President of Animation and Production.

Tucker Williamson, Vice President of Music and Special Productions.