Lady Gaga: Mother G.O.A.T.

Lady Gaga imagined a show stopping giant sculpture of her own head in full Alien makeup that she could interact with during her Born This Way Ball Tour. Working with Contour Entertainment, we provided the media for this amazing effect. Collaborating directly with the artist, her performance was captured with our proprietary multi-camera rig, audio playback and artist set up. Once captured, the data was processed, including but not limited to syncing, blending, and color correction. For installation of the video playback with the head model, we pulled apart the image to cross project a reverse of the video output inside Contour’s giant head shaped screen. On tour, we again worked directly with the Lady Gaga to evolve the idea to include the now iconic “paparazzi” look that included hand painted blood and vfx. We had just hours between the first and second show to completely rework the show and reinstall it. We worked closely with Contour Entertainment spec’ing the perfect projector setup that was needed for this idea to become a reality.

The Born This Way Ball tour visited all continents, except Antarctica, and was an 8 leg tour with 98 shows total; 16 in Asia, 17 in Oceania, 33 in Europe, 22 in North America, 8 in South America, and 2 in Africa.